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Lucas Pardy

About your DJ

Growing up, Lucas developed a passion for audiovisual arts through theatre. Lucas's passion from there developed into a love for DJing. Lucas's favourite part of DJing is seeing the enjoyment radiating on guests' faces while he performs. Thus, creating memorable moments for everyone. Lucas says this is what fuels his passion for DJing. 

Lucas started his own entertainment company with the goal of wedding personalization in mind. As he found that far too many DJs play the same old songs, be cheesy or obnoxious, make it all about them, or try to be funny at the expense of someone else's event. Lucas felt that couples deserved more than that.


Lucas prides himself on being different from any other DJ company, anywhere in the world. As he is passionate, insanely creative– and "average" just isn't what he's about. Lucas is always looking to do more to create and innovate ways to use technology with talent. As it allows Lucas to change the rules of what people may think they know about private events. With this mythology, Lucas finds himself crushing events and is always pumped to be apart of them but without the cheese. 

As Lucas would say,
"Expect more. You deserve it." 

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