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Is a Wedding DJ even worth it?

Most people ask when debating whether to hire a DJ or not is, hiring a DJ for my wedding worth it?

Let me explain.

The truth is, a DJ can cost you upwards of $2,000 on the high end. The vast majority of service providers are just starting and are trying to build their portfolio and be willing to work for free. You might be thinking, "Great! We both benefit from this arrangement." I did, too, when I first started throwing my first few events. I then realized that this was a HUGE mistake!

Consider for a moment that you only have one shot to plan your event. If you wish to save money by hiring a service provider for a massive discount or for free, you may ruin the chance of them ruining your event. Your dance floor may be empty, your photos may be blurry and blown out, and your event likely won't live up to your expectations. If you knew this would be the case, would you still try to save a few bucks? Let me extrapolate: Would you hire a beginner hairstylist with no experience to cut your hair the day before your event?

Chances you're like ~80% of people who likely know a friend of a friend that can provide at least one service for your event for free. But in the case of a DJ, you may want to invest a little to have a perfect night.

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