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When should I book a DJ for my wedding?

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

So you are wondering when to book a wedding DJ service for your special day and are not sure when to reach out.

When hiring professional wedding DJs, you want to do well in advance, around 11 to the 9-month mark of your wedding date, as your DJ can help start planning your wedding day. It also ensures that you get the DJ you want as most highly rated DJ's are book up 6-8 months before your wedding date.

When looking for a wedding DJ service that can pack a dance floor, be sure that the DJ can handle guest music requests and has a microphone for speeches; these are all standard, though. What makes a professional DJ's stand out from the average DJ's is understanding the flow of events for the night's special occasions with expert planning that will make your wedding less stressful and not add to it. You should also expect a response from professional DJs to a phone call or email within 24 hours of when you inquired. The only exception may be on weekends when most professional DJs are at special events. You should also have a direct communication line with your DJ; by either their phone number, email, etc. Your DJ should know how to tailor the music for your event type to your tastes to make it more of a personalized experience. Your DJ should also have the musical knowledge, song selection, and willingness to play any genre of wedding music you want. Your DJ should be able to provide pictures of their setup and equipment if asked and some form of a contract so there guaranteed to show up on your wedding day. The wedding dj pricing, booking and payment processes and terms should clearly state and explained upfront. Your DJ should be polite and courteous to you, but also your guests and other vendors. They should also work seamlessly with all other wedding professionals, for example, planners, caterers, photography, etc. Your DJ should be professionally dressed and dressed appropriately for the event. The equipment area should be clean and well-maintained. Your DJ should arrive early enough to have all equipment set up outside the presence of guests. Your DJ should be flexible in scheduling meetings and phone calls. Your DJ should also be adaptable to changes, even last-minute changes, in the timeline, schedule, etc.


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