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Wedding DJ vs Spotify

Wedding DJ vs Spotify? Why would I hire a DJ if I can play a Spotify playlist at my wedding?

You probably tell yourself that you want to have total control over what's played at your wedding. You'll have a family or friend control the aux cord to have them play the same music you have qued for them. You can ask each guest to send in their favourite song as part of your wedding RSVP to hear that particular song they have chosen for your wedding. Whatever the reason, you find DJing your wedding might be right for you. What could ever go wrong?

Your wedding day is now upon you. You currently have rented some sound system equipment and all the preparations happing, such as decor, getting your hair and makeup done bridal party getting dressed, etc. You have to worry about the music.

The Idea of hiring a DJ might be daunting, especially if you considered just having a playlist at your wedding. Let me explain why hiring the pros might be in your best interest. All wedding professionals will relieve the stress of planning a wedding or having them take the pressure off you and your family on the day of your wedding. Your wedding day should feel enjoyable and stress-free. It is something that you may only get to experience once in a lifetime. You might ask friends and family to help out with some of the items like the DJ's role to save on your budget. You have to keep in mind when you ask your friends or family to take on this role; you are taking away from their experience of being a guest at your wedding. As the couple, you also become the coordinator and planner of every moment of your wedding. It might feel like you are continually putting out fires.

If the budget is not, you're deciding factor and the reason you are considering Spotify over a DJ. You might have attended a wedding where there was that terrible Dj; you know, the one where they make it all about them and they could not keep a dance floor, or there were awkward silences between songs. It might just be that you have not experienced a wedding DJ that dos cool things for cool people.

You can do things at your DIY wedding to make it even more personal than ever or to save money.

Like with everything, it's all about balance, and what you think is best for your wedding. Just remember, the more you make it a DIY wedding, the more stress and execution of the wedding falls on you. If you leave it up to the wedding professionals, they can still make it to your personal liking or wedding vision. As they take the stress out of your wedding day, and you're able to take your wedding all in.

One of the hardest things is recognizing there are limits to what we can do on our own.


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